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Asus 90-N6EPW2012, A6, A6Ja, A6Jc Laptop AC Adapter

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Product Description

Input: 100-240V
Input Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz
Output Voltage: 19VDC
Output Currect: 4.74A

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device

This Laptop ac adapter can replace the following part numbers:

  • 90-N6EPW2012

This Laptop ac adapter is also compatible with the following models:

  • Asus A6
  • Asus A6Ja
  • Asus A6Jc
  • Asus A6Jm
  • Asus A6K
  • Asus A6Km
  • Asus A6Kt
  • Asus A6M
  • Asus A6R
  • Asus A6T
  • Asus A6Ta
  • Asus A6Tc
  • Asus A6Va
  • Asus A6Vm
  • Asus A7C
  • Asus A7D
  • Asus A7F
  • Asus A7G
  • Asus A7J
  • Asus A7Jc
  • Asus A7M
  • Asus A7S
  • Asus A7T
  • Asus A7Tc
  • Asus A7V
  • Asus A7Vc
  • Asus A8F
  • Asus A8JC
  • Asus A8Jp
  • Asus A8Jr
  • Asus A8Js
  • Asus A8L
  • Asus A8LE
  • Asus A8LF
  • Asus A8LH
  • Asus A8M
  • Asus A8Sc
  • Asus A9
  • Asus B50
  • Asus B51
  • Asus B80
  • Asus F2J
  • Asus F2Je
  • Asus F3E
  • Asus F3F
  • Asus F3H
  • Asus F3Ja
  • Asus F3Jc
  • Asus F3Jm
  • Asus F3Jp
  • Asus F3Jr
  • Asus F3L
  • Asus F3M
  • Asus F3P
  • Asus F3Q
  • Asus F3Sc
  • Asus F3T
  • Asus F3Tc
  • Asus F50GX
  • Asus F50Q
  • Asus F50Z
  • Asus F52
  • Asus F5GL
  • Asus F5R
  • Asus F6A
  • Asus F6E
  • Asus F80CR
  • Asus F80L
  • Asus F80Q
  • Asus F82
  • Asus F83
  • Asus F9E
  • Asus F9F
  • Asus F9J
  • Asus G1
  • Asus G1S
  • Asus G2
  • Asus G2S
  • Asus K40C
  • Asus K40IJ
  • Asus K40IN
  • Asus K50C
  • Asus K50IJ
  • Asus K50IN
  • Asus K70IJ
  • Asus M2 Series
  • Asus M2000
  • Asus M2000N
  • Asus M51A
  • Asus M51E
  • Asus M6 Series
  • Asus M6000N
  • Asus M6700N
  • Asus M6800N
  • Asus M6B00N
  • Asus M6N
  • Asus M6V
  • Asus M6Va
  • Asus M9V
  • Asus N20A
  • Asus R1E
  • Asus S6F
  • Asus S7
  • Asus U1F
  • Asus U2
  • Asus U5A
  • Asus U5F
  • Asus U6E
  • Asus U6Ep
  • Asus UL50
  • Asus UL80V
  • Asus V1J
  • Asus V1Jp
  • Asus V2Je
  • Asus VX2
  • Asus W1Jc
  • Asus W1V
  • Asus W2J
  • Asus W2Pc
  • Asus W2V
  • Asus W3000
  • Asus W3J
  • Asus W3N
  • Asus W3V
  • Asus W5F
  • Asus W5V
  • Asus W6
  • Asus W7J
  • Asus X51R
  • Asus X58
  • Asus X58Le
  • Asus X80
  • Asus X81
  • Asus Z35L
  • Asus Z65R


The Laptop ac adapter supplied by our Company are [replacement for] sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies is purely for the purpose of identifying the computer manufacturers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used. Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these computer manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers of the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.

This laptop ac adapter is rigorously tested, meets or exceeds original laptop ac adapter's specifications, brand new with 1 year warranty. Our AC Adapter has ±1V Voltage allowance.

  1. Before ordering this replacement ac adapter, you MUST check your laptop's input voltage and your original ac adapter's output voltage. Laptops with 18V-20V input voltage can use our ac adapter which has 19V output voltage; Laptops with 15V-17V input voltage can use our ac adapter which has 16V output voltage; Remember: never exceed ±1V tolerance. Using wrong output voltage adatper will damage your laptop.
  2. You can calculate your original ac adapter's output Wattage [W] by multiplying the Ouput Voltage [V] by output current [Amps] i.e 19V X 4.74A = 90 Watts. You can choose a replacement ac adapter which has higher Amps than your original ac adapter's; but you can not choose an ac adapter which has lower Amps than your original ac adapter's because it can not provide sufficient power to your laptop. Adapters with higher Amps will not damage your laptop. The adapter's output current (Amps) and output power (watts) are maximum load ratings. Computers only draw as many amperes or watts as they need.
  3. Please carefully check the plug tip's size of the adapter to make sure it can fit into your computer. First of all, please make sure that your original adapter's part number and your laptop's model number are listed below.

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