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Lenovo L16C4PB1 L16L4PB1 L16M4PB1 48Wh Battery

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Product Description

Battery type: Li-ion . Voltage: 7.68V . Capacity: 6268mAh (48Wh). Color: Black . Condition: One year warranty!

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device

This Laptop Batteries can replace the following part numbers:

  • 5B10M52211
  • 5B10M52740
  • 5B10Q38238
  • 5B10W67229
  • L16C4PB1
  • L16L4PB1
  • L16M4PB1
  • SB10W67270

This Laptop Batteries is also compatible with the following models:

  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT0087RM
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00B6ID
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30032ED
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0023IV
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT0020SB
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3009LRU
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT002LCK
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00ANSA
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3003QFE
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00BVFR
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00D2ID
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300A7RK
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR00BCTA
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00BLPB
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30047AX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR004JBM
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT009NRU
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300AQLT
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR005FRE
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00CCSC
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3004SLT
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT000LAU
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT007WMX
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB-81CT002CRK
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT009JIN
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3005AIV
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0065UK
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB-81CT004BID
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300BLRU
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR001AGE
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3005XAX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT002JTX
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKB(80X6001GFR)
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB-81CT0067FE
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT0055SC
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300C4MX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0012MX
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3006FRK
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR000WCK
  • Lenovo YG 720-13IKB I7 16G 1TB 10H 80X6006QAU
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB-81CT00AAML
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT0041IN
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00DFID
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30073BM
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0021IV
  • Lenovo YG 730-13IKB I7 16G 512G 10H-81CT007CAU
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IWL-81JR001BIX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00AJUE
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT005VMH
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3007KMX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT009DUE
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKB(81C30062GE)
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IWL-81JR00BFSB
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT000FMX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00ACMB
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30085RI
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKB-81A8 80X6
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKB 80X6001SGE
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3002KGE
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR00AVRA
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0043SP
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3008XAX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT008PRA
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30099HV
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00AVID
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT0025CY
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3003HAX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00BRTW
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR002TSP
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3009WMH
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00C2SA
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT0035IV
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30040FG
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT0088RM
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT004RMH
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300AHIV
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR005XPB
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT001USB
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3004GSA
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0075VN
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0017AU
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300B3PB
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IWL-81JR001EGE
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR005HRE
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30053IV
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR009XRA
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300BCUK
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT008XIX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0087BM
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3005QUS
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00C6SA
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB-81CT005LAU
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR00BDTA
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300BVTX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR008TIN
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30068RK
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0074RA
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKB(80X600G9GE)
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB-81CT0092AU
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT008AUK
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT006ESA
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3006SMZ
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT008EGE
  • Lenovo YG 720-13IKB I7 16G 256G 10H-81C300C5AU
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB-81CT00C4SA
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0034AX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR002MMX
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3007CPB
  • Lenovo YG 720-13IKB-81C300C5AU
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR(81C3008PGE)
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IWL-81JR008KMX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00CDED
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR006CMZ
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3007USP
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0060IX
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3)
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3000GAD
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT008RRA
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT005MAU
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3008GSC
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT0074SA
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT0089RM
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3002USA
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR00BNKR
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR007AGE
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30090SP
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT008DTX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR001LRU
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30035AD
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR006VUK
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00AQRM
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3009NRU
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT002TAU
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00DLIN
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3003SFE
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR001HRU
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR0016AU
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300A9IX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR001TIV
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00CLSA
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30049AX
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT006XFG
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR008LMX
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300AVIV
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR000XCK
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IWL-81JR
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3004VBM
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT0053BM
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00CTAX
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB-81CT002VAU
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT00C1SA
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C3005FFR
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR00BJMJ
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB-81CT004GIN
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C300BNSC
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL-81JR001Fru
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR 81C30061GE
  • Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB-81CT007EMX
  • Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKB(80X60096GE)
  • Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB-81CT006JAK


The Laptop Batteries supplied by our Company are [replacement for] sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies is purely for the purpose of identifying the computer manufacturers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used. Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these computer manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers of the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.

Laptop Batteries Maintenance Tips

  1. Battery Storage - Store your Laptop Batteries in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. The laptop battery will self-discharge during storage; remember stored at about 40% state-of-charge.
  2. Charge and discharge - For lithium ion batteries, you do not need to discharge them fully and recharge constantly. You need to do a full discharge only about every 30 charges. Do not charged to higher voltages than its threshold voltage.
  3. We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality Laptop Battery at the most reasonable prices.
  4. Calibrate Battery - If your Laptop Battery's 76% even less in work, you must fully charge, fully discharge, and then fully recharge the laptop battery pack.
  5. Exercise Your Battery - Do not leave your Battery dormant for long periods of time. We recommend using the battery at least once every two to three weeks..
  6. Consider removing the Laptop Battery from a laptop when running on fixed power.

How to charge the new Laptop Batteries

  1. For initial use, it is always advisable to discharge the Battery to 3% only and then fully charge it (approx 12 hrs).
  2. The Dell Laptop Battery once used must be recharged within 2 days without fail with above 50% before using it else it will cause damage/short battery life issues/not holding the charge issues.
  3. New Replacement Laptop Battery needs a cycle of discharging to 3% and fully charging twice a week.
  4. Do Not let the Batteries discharge to 0% initially, as it makes the battery prone to damage/short battery life/not holding the charge issues.

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